Monday, October 19, 2009

Ok, we get it, Kebble was guilty!!!

By Cassy van Eeden

cassystars Ok, we get it, Kebble was guilty...can we all just move on and focus on mor important things?! My views: #rublogs

News coverage of the Bret Kebble debacle dates as far back as 2002. The scandal began when the mining mogul and former CEO of Randgold, JCI and Western Areas was charged with misappropriating over R2 billion. He died in September of 2005.

Kebble’s death remained a mystery for quite some time. However, there was suspicion right from the start that he took his own life due to the immense financial turmoil he found himself in. In recent developments, evidence has proven his death was an assisted and planned suicide, to the point where he and his business associate Glenn Agliotti even rehearsed it.

This entire situation seems totally ludicrous to me. The man has been dead for four years now, yet his case is still all the hype. Understandably it has to be fully investigated, however, in my opinion it truly is getting slightly nauseating now. Granted, it seems that he committed number felonies, but can we just come to a conclusion already?! Yesterday, 15 October 2009, there were even further developments in the case where a tell-all video recording of Agliotti was released into court possession.

Also, on a broader note, the crimes Kebble committed were of a ‘white-collar’ sort, yet this case has received an enormous amount of media attention and publicity. Yet (what are in my opinion far more serious) real cases of rape, domestic violence and murder go utterly unnoticed by the community. Is it not a bit absurd that the state is spending thousands on prosecuting this case when he, in fact, owes them an insurmountable sum? And nothing is spent on prosecuting cases that really deserve justice.