Thursday, October 29, 2009

Party like it' you're six!

By Cassy van Eeden

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This past weekend I got up to something a little different for once. When I first received my invitation to 'Piet's Big Kids 21st' I was excited, yet doubtful. Basically my friends and I were invited to our friend Pieter's 21st birthday party where we had to dress up as kids (or, more accurately, as our mother's would have dressed us). I enjoyed the theme idea and the fact that we were going to be doing something different to celebrate, but I feared this was going to be just another party involving drinking, dancing and debauchery.

I began planning my outfit, ensuring that all my primary colours clashed and that my hair was going to be fastened in the highest possible pony tail - scarily reminiscent of how my mother would have dressed me. The idea that there was going to be a jumping castle and even a blow-up pool was possibly what made me want to go through with dressing like this in the first place. I could not help but laugh at myself as I stood in front of a mirror. When I stepped outside into the happy sun at 2pm on Saturday, I was delighted to see that my friends all looked just a rediculous as I did. We admired each other's party attire and took plenty of photos before setting off to Café Blanca for the party. Make no mistake, going to the small pub on High Street was not an new experience for any of us...but the rest of the afternoon certainly was!

Upon arrival we were greeted by an enormous jumping castle/slippery slide. I fought back the sudden urge to be the first to slide down its glistening surface and headed over to claim my share of jelly babies and punch. It is truly amazing how, as soon as you're dressed like a kid, you truly 'feel like a kid again'. The tiffs over who was going to blow the bubbles first or who got the last cheese curl started almost instantly. We moaned, we whined, we giggled...and somehow, from somewhere deep inside, the younger versions of ourselves emerged.

Running around like maniacs, drenched from head-to-toe, screaming at the top of our lungs made me realise how we had all fogotten just how simple it really is to have fun. As we grow up we all buy into this arbitrary notion that we sould be doing age-appropriate things in order to be entertained, in fact, you seem weird and annoying if you're immature or childish. But none of this mattered whilst we danced about in fits of laughter and headed down the slide for the millionth time that day.

Nap time soon came around, I had to return to taking care of myself: I washed my own face, brushed my own teeth and climbed into my jammies all by myself. In doing this I realised that perhaps it is the responsibility that we are faced with now as young adults that prevents us from acting like six-year-olds again. But, I think it is really important that for once we but the seriousness of life aside, and let the little kid inside us out to play!