Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No thought given to the victims of vivisection and their silent cries of terror

By: Nicole Twaddle

The Rhodes Organisation for Animal Rights was kept exceptionally busy last week with awareness activities, such as t-shirt printing and many interesting guest talks. However, the most moving part of the whole experience was looking at the reactions that people had to the society. Many people stopped to look at the photographic display in Eden Grove, and one could see the reactions of horror at what these animals had to go through due to vivisection, and other such testing. The whole display was moving and enough to make anyone turn vegetarian. However, many people still did not pay any attention to the hype and awareness of animal rights ROAR wished to portray to the students.

For most students the fact that anything was even happening last week was a surprise. This is something that needs to be changed. Students and people need to be made more aware of the rights that animals possess, and how we as human beings are violating them. Animals go through the pain of vivisection for the benefit of humans and their many products, and people need to be made aware of this. Animals cannot talk, but that does not mean they cannot feel anything. It is therefore important for societies such as ROAR exist, so that they can push to make more people aware about animal rights and how they are being violated. It is important to do so, because if we (students) do not make an effort to push changes such as animal rights, then the future is not going to be a place that we all remember. Change does not happen later, it happens now. So get on board and support the cause. Make a difference guys!!!