Thursday, October 15, 2009

Matie murder still under Investigation

Blog writing Assignment 2
By: Nicole Twaddle

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Shock waves rocked through the small community of Stellenbosch, upon the discovery of the rape and murder of student Erin van Rensburg in May this year. Fortunately the killer and fellow student, Jacobus Eksteen, was captured and charged for her rape and murder.

However, recent reports account for the fact that the case has been postponed due to crucial forensic evidence unavailable at present. Therefore more evidence needs to be collected and recorded in order to build a stronger case against the accused. More to be found on the case at:

This case is of particular interest to me because Rhodes and Stellenbosch are similar sized universities, both situated in small community driven towns, therefore an act such as the one reported could have easily happened here at Rhodes. This makes me, as a female, 19 year old student, nervous, because if it happened in Stellenbosch, then it can easily happen here. The mere fact that Erin trusted Jacobus, a fellow student to help her out with her computer, says that one must be careful of the people they trust and surround themselves with. I think that all the charges laid against Eksteen are valid, and he should have to serve them all with life sentences in jail because that is what he deserves for the crimes committed against Erin. This case shows that although the system is not always perfect, or up-to-date, it is functioning and doing its best to bring this criminal to justice.

This case is a tragic one; but one that could have easily happened here at Rhodes. Erin clearly trusted the wrong person, and she paid for her mistake with her life. I urge all students, male or female, to be aware of your surroundings and the people around you, because you never know who you can truly trust.

Be on the look out for further reports on the case at: and