Friday, October 30, 2009

This is it folks

Well now that the end of the fourth and final term is near, what with lectures coming to a close as of Friday and exams looming closer, it seems that this is the end for our dear blog. The start of this term looked to be pointless, what with starting a blog from scratch, monitoring it and then posting relevant assignments. I kept thinking: "what is the point?" Well, what I did not realise is that it was all actually worthwhile. By exposing us to new medias such as blogging, we were able to create our own journalistic outlet, four journalism students uniting to place their views and opinions for anyone in the world to view and comment on. This is a truly powerful form of media that is becoming more and more popular. It was therefore smart of the JMS1 course coordinator to include blogging into the syllabus, so that we 'future journalists and media workers' know this new media and can work with it.

I believe that we have put a large amount of effort into this blog, and the relevant assignments we have had to complete. We have even managed to post a few extra pieces, bring across our views and opinions. On the whole this blog has been hard work, especially when you are technologically challenged like I am. But now that it is the end, I would just like to thank Cassy, Kirst and Shavaughn (my team mates) for their hard work in making this blog something we can all be proud of. Now lets hope our marks reflect it!