Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Tasty Rhodents Slice of Cheese

Blog Writing Assignment 4: Review
By: Nicole Twaddle

The Rhodents Slice of Cheese is a rather interesting blog, that does not capture an audience through its overall design and blog layout, but it does generally have some terrific writing and reporting. The design of the blog is simplistic, clearly the bloggers have chosen to stick with the original blogspot designs and not source one of their own, however the general writing makes up for this fact, along with the visual imagery placed with the relevant posts.

It is clear that some members of the blog know what they are doing, and place more effort into their posts than others do. These members are clearly the partnership running the blog, as their posts out number those of the other members. They have stuck to the assignments throughout the term and even posted up some extra posts for interest sake. The language use is clear and generally easy to read, with personal flair included in each of their posts, therefore giving them individuality. This makes for an interesting read, especially the opinion pieces, as it provided the reader with an idea of who the bloggers are and precisely what these members are passionate about.

One can clearly see from this blog that all of its members are creative and opinionated, giving their own personal touch to their writing pieces, however never allowing it to become overbearing, something that any good journalist can do. The reader can therefore gain a sound knowledge of the blogs overall posting of journalism topics, stories and opinion pieces, to acquire knowledge about the life and requirements of a journalism student. I definitely look forward to reading more posts on this blog!