Friday, September 25, 2009

Three Things Learnt from a Journalism Tutorial by Nicole Twaddle

This week the tutorial took a different route, clearly the new term's course of blogging has them trying new things, to try and help us with our blogs. This weeks assignment was to write a personal mission statement, which will be up soon, so in the tutorial we were made to fill out a physical profile, such as what colour eyes, their shape, etc a person has. The profile was very comprehensive, however if an individual were made to fill one out about another person, or even an attacker, it would be difficult considering some of the questions were about features not normally noticed, such as neck length and shape. Features such as this are not ones that people choose to go about describing themselves or others, I therefore see it as pointless to the personal mission statement assignment, as well as this one, because although people are judged according to their physical features, on this blog it is not, because what I look like it not going to affect the quality of what I have to say.

"Don't judge a book by its cover" is what I got out of the tutorial, because people are judgemental and will do anything to fit in and conform to the norms of society. So although many of the questions were about physical features, there were some questions related to personality, such as habits, distinguishing features or where a person is mostly likely to be found. These are the questions that can tell us more about a person, such as who they are, what they like to do, how they act etc. This way a valid judgement can be made about both a person's external features, as well as some personality traits as well.

Through this tutorial I have learnt more about myself, not just how to categorize my external features, but more about my personality, and how it can vary according to what audience I am appealing to. For example, my personality description for me as a student, would be different to that of a girlfriend. There was also the realisation that I am a sensitive and reliable person, which I believe to be a true reflection, because I am sensitive, both to my own needs as well as others, and I am consistently reliable. In conclusion the tutorial was both informative and interesting, that will hopefully help with the personal mission statement.