Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reflection on Tutorial 2

by Shavaughn Haack

All the Journalism and Media Studies 1 students had to fill out a Suspect Identification Form for the second tutorial. Initially, the exercise did not really make sense and I did not understand its relevance until afterwards. This is what I learnt from the second tutorial:

I realised that it is very difficult to understand my personality from such a limited array of adjectives and even worse I could not recognise myself from the suspect description. I did however, find the concept of ‘identity is dependant on perspective’ very interesting and I strongly agree with it as well. In my opinion, my personality is not captured from the perspective of the suspect identification form; and my beliefs, dreams and my passions that make me who I am, are not evident from the one word answers to superficial questions. However, this suspect identification form is probably the way people who do not know me, view me. Obviously my own perspective of myself would be very different to that of others, so I think it should be interesting to judge whether my personality is truly identifiable in my blog writing.