Sunday, September 27, 2009

Personal Mission Statement

Blog Writing Assignment 1: What Kind of Blogger am I?
By: Nicole Twaddle

Tweet: My personal mission statement is now up and posted on my blog, go and check it out now at #rublogs

The life of a journalism student is never complete. There are endless tasks, articles and assignments to perform, at least that is the way it feels. I have started out in this course positive and excited about what Journalism and Media Studies will teach me, however I am now faced with a difficult decision.
The course has delved into the basics, which I know are important, however the manner is which they go about this is not one that agrees with my learning style. I am hard-working, reliable, dependent and thoughtful, which is a good set of traits to succeed as a journalist; however I do not wish to write. It is not one of my strong points, and this I am sure of, which therefore leaves me with media studies, however we have not been exposed to many of the media studies offered in the course. This blog is actually the first real media studies related module of the course.
To put it quite simply, I am a 19 year old student that is confused about my degree choice, so now a decision on my part needs to be made about my future, whether I continue with my chosen degree, or of I should change? This one decision affects my whole life, which is very scary considering I am just starting out in the world. I know that the journalism career field is vast, however I do not know if it is the right one for me. This has been playing on my mind for some time now, and now that we finally have the means to express ourselves I intend on talking about my decision and thoughts on journalism as a course, something that maybe others can relate to. Perhaps some journalism students that have already gone through what I am going through can relate, and give me advice. Our whole blogs manifesto is about interaction, more specifically, journalism students interacting with one another.
So with this assignment, when I blog, it will not only be about the assignments we have to do in class or any complaints, but also about my struggle with the decision that needs to be made. But even if you do not wish to interact with me, there are 3 other journalism students available on this blog, which is beauty of it; there are endless options on our blog. We want it to be more of a retreat away from work and pressure, to simply relax and take your mind away from everything for a while. Basically, have a cigarette and coffee break with our blog.